Travel along the Valley of the Châteaux on traditional boats known as gabarres. Discover some of the most beautiful of these sites .

Descendants of one of the last families of gabarriers (the men who worked the boats) and fishermen of La Roque Gageac, Gabarres Caminade invite you onto the Dordogne. From La Roque Gageac to Castelnaud bridge, explore the history of the valley, its castles and its boatmen.

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One Gabarre in Dordogne

On board our Gabarres, traditional replicas of the boats of our eighteenth-century ancestors, our teams and our experience are there to give you an unforgettable cultural experience.

Duration: 55 minute trip with commentary
Distance: a 6.5 km round trip
Departure/Arrival: La Roque-Gageac

Caminade over water

Audioguides are available free on board our boats. You do not need to do anything. They are completely automatic and work by GPS as soon as the boat leaves. You can use the audioguide with the earphones of your phone if the jack connection is suitable.


In the heart of Perigord Noir, in the Dordogne valley, the Castle of La Malartrie overlooks one of the most beautiful village of France, La Roque Gageac. Nested in a loop of the Dordogne river at the foot the high cliffs in full midday. It features an almost Mediterranean climate.


La Roque-Gageac, a village listed among the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France, is nestled between the cliffside and the Dordogne River. Its southern exposure provides it with a virtually Mediterranean microclimate.


After extensive restoration work, Marqueyssac was opened to the public in March 1997. Today, it is the most visited garden in Périgord. The park, designed for walking, is situated on a spur and overlooks the entire Dordogne Valley with its chalky cliffs. It reveals the most spectacular panoramic view possible of Périgord.


The Château de Castelnaud, officially listed as a Historic Building in 1966, stands high over the Dordogne valley, with magnificent views of the châteaux of Beynac and Marqueyssac and the medieval village of La Roque-Gageac.

Open to the public since 1985, this one-time fortress is now given over entirely to displaying the art of warfare in the Middle Ages.

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